Bringing User-Centered designs to life by understanding people's needs, generating and testing promising ideas, and building desirable solutions

Meals at Home

Order delicious meals that are home-delivered every week

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Serving Minds Since 2017

MINDSpeed is a research project that aims to promote graceful and dignified aging by facilitating the consumption of brain-healthy foods and the playing of mentally-stimulating games.

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Connect Where You Are

Enabling serendipitous connections between people in close proximity who share interests

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A Volunteer Management System used by students, faculty, and administration at IUPUI, Butler University, and University of Indianapolis to coordinate personnel availability at the Indiana University Student Outreach Clinic - a free medical clinic in a low-income neighborhood.

Image Credits: IUSOC. Original Image

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Open Journal System

Publish and Prosper

Discovering what's important and reimagining a better experience for academic journal editors

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The Car Wizard

Finding a Car is Hard, Man!

Making the online car shopping process a breeze, one answered question at a time

Image Credits: ILTWMT. Original Image

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100 Days of UX

100 Days of UX is a learning project where for 100 days I learn one new design method each day.

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Hello! I'm Philip - a User Experience Generalist and Software Developer living in Indianapolis. I currently work on projects around healthcare, wholeness, and encouraging healthy behaviors.

I take pride in doing good work and making people happy.

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