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The High Intensity Lifestyle Intervention project combined online healthy food cooking classes taught by Registered Dieticians with physical activity classes taught by physical trainers, healthy food delivery, social networking, incentives, and rewards to provide a lifestyle change for people living with food insecurity and hypertension.

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My Responsibilities

… did not include becoming a Registered Dietician although I spent a lot of time learning how they ran their classes and how to adapt them for the COVID era. On HILI,

  1. I embedded myself in the world of Registered Dieticians who work with people with low incomes for a year
  2. Did the UX research and design work to create sketches, mockups, and prototypes
  3. Developed the frontend and backend software for the admin management dashboard and consumer apps

Design Process

Creating HILI was iterative and non-linear. The design changed A LOT and the early concepts are almost unrecognizable compared to the delivered software

The highlights are:

  1. Shadowing Registered Dieticians for several months while they delivered in-person lifestyle medicine classes. I learned a lot about the end users as well as the RD workflows
  2. Semi-structured interviews with RDs and several people representative of the end user population
  3. Making quick sketches of every part of the system to validate design directions with stakeholders and users
  4. Creating low-fidelity mockups and testing them with RDs and representative users
  5. Design Reviews
  6. Designing and building a budget-appropriate live-streaming studio for the cooking and physical activity classes
  7. Making high-fidelity mockups and conducted several user-testing sessions
  8. Developing the consumer app and admin dashboards in phases responding user and stakeholder feedback

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