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The success of the MINDSpeed project gained the attention of Meals on Wheels Indiana and the Eskenazi Hospital system (Marion County Hospital and Health System). These stakeholders wanted a system for their homebound older adult clients living with chronic health conditions to place weekly food orders for delivery

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My Responsibilities

In this project, I was a one-person design and development consultancy and handled all tasks from meeting with stakeholder representatives, drafting requirements and specifications, devising with design ideas, testing with potential end users, and developing front end and back end software.

Key Design Opportunities for Older Adult Users

  1. Potential for very low literacy users, which I addressed by using very simple language and only as much text as necessary
  2. High likelihood for low tech familiarity, which I addressed by using lots of pictures, plentiful animations and transitions, simple iconography, and no need to type anything
  3. Providing warm and encouraging phone support


This project ran from 2019 to 2021 and provided hundreds of thousands of meals to hundreds of homebound people in Indianapolis.

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