IUSOC Volunteers

The Problem

The website used by the all-volunteer clinic (IUSOC) to manage their volunteer sign ups no longer met their growing needs. Its unreliability also caused a lot of confusion for volunteers and clinic managers.

The Solution

Build a responsive web application with a modern UI that is eminently simple for volunteers, powerful and flexible for clinic managers, and easily extendable to meet future needs.

And in so doing, replace the old website that looked like this:

Old sign in page
Old sign up page

With a more usable and better looking one.

New Sign in page
New calendar
New Opportunities you can sign up for

ReDesign Process

  1. Review the existing system to learn how it works
  2. Collaborate with stakeholders and users to sketch up potential solutions
  3. Implement the design
  4. Test usability via observations and think-alouds with users
  5. Incorporate feedback and refine

My Responsibilities

On this project, I played the role of the one-man consultancy. I hunted down the extremely busy medical students that ran the clinic to learn how it functioned and who the stakeholders were. I also did all the research, usability testing, design, and software development work.

Being responsible for the success of the redesigned IUSOC Volunteer Management System brings me great joy.

The Full Story

Click/tap through the slideshow to discover the full story of IUSOC's redesign

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