Bodystorming extends brainstorming into the physical world and gets designers to roleplay, prototype, and physically experience their ideas quickly.

Bodystorming is Day 7 of 100 Days of UX, an exploratory effort to survey the 100 methods of design outlined in Martin and Hannington's Universal Methods of Design. For 100 consecutive days, I learn one new method a day and write about it.

Dealing with all the data captured from research can be highly cerebral work, but with bodystorming, designers are able to physically get involved with their ideas and feel what it could be like to actually use the product being designed or engage with the environment in which it would be used.

Bodystorming is more than simply roleplay though as it encourages building new ideas of old ones, simultaneously trying different things, and testing which ones make for a better experience.

The key with bodystorming is to be spontaneous, improvisational, free, and mostly uninhibited. Try different things, make things up, be creative!

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