Creating collages allows participants to visually express thoughts, desires, emotions, and other aspects of life that may be difficult to via other traditional means.

Collage is Day 14 of 100 Days of UX, an exploratory effort to survey the 100 methods of design outlined in Martin and Hannington's Universal Methods of Design. For 100 consecutive days, I learn one new method a day and write about it.



  1. Gather supplies: Pens, paper, glue, image clippings, blank sheets of paper.
  2. Recruit participants
  3. Brief participants on the method and give them a prompt.
  4. When they are finished, ask them to describe the collage and how it speaks to the prompt.
  5. Listen and record.

Putting together a collage kit requires a fine balancing act, as the images need to be ambiguous enough to avoid biasing the participants, but specific enough so that they are relevant to the topic being collaged.

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